Arts Partnership launched to promote the arts in Tunbridge Wells

Town and & Country Foundation, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and the Trinity have been working on joint projects for the last twelve months.

Having established high quality events including Diwali, Chinese New Year, and summer programmes, the partners are keen to deliver bigger scale festivals on a bigger scale bigger scale, including a Kent Play play writing competition for young people, large scale lantern parades and a set design and lighting course to name but a few.

The launch involved inviting young people and families back  to see a DVD of their artistic pursuits and. They were joined by representatives from the local business community.

Jackie Sumner Head head of Community community Investment investment at the Town & Country Foundation said: "We are keen to hear from any other partners who would like to be involved in the Arts Partnership and we look forward to working with our current and future business partners to widen the accessibility of the arts."

The Foundation is part of Town & Country Housing Group.

Katrina Burton, Audience Development Officer for Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery, said: “Working in partnership is a great way for us to make a real difference to the communities around us.

“We’ve demonstrated that we can do that through our recent community events. Now we’re looking to spread the net wider and get more people involved, using the skills, resources and expertise that others can bring to the partnership.”

Pictured at the Arts partnership launch at the Trinity are (from left) Jackie Sumner, head of community investment at Town & Country Foundation, Jonathan Salisbury director of Trinity Theatre, and Katrina Burton, audience development officer for Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery.