Local experts Greensolve will help us to meet environmental challenges

From January Greensolve will be responsible for waste removal from our head office at Monson House.

Each department has recycling bins for paper, plastic bottles, cans and glass in their office. Staff will sort waste materials to ensure that anything that can be recycled will be.

HR and Administration Manager Mary Bishop said: “Everyone is keen to make sure that they all do their bit for recycling. We look forward to working in partnership with Greensolve to ensure both our compliance with legislation and, importantly, our duty of care to the environment.

“We have been recycling most items for some time but with the help of Greensolve we will now do it even more effectively.

Greensolve is an independent recycling and waste management company offering a friendly and efficient service to a broad range of businesses in the Kent area.

They offer a wheelie bin collection service for general waste as well as Paper, cardboard and mixed glass.

Director Richard Booth said: “We provide a total waste management and recycling solution to all business types with an emphasis on customer care and a quality service.”

To visit the Greensolve website click here.