We produce a wide range of publications throughout each year to keep you in touch with the latest news from us.

  1. Spotlight - your magazine from Town & Country

    Spotlight is our quarterly newsletter produced by tenants and staff which is sent to all of our tenants. If you have a suggestion about what you would like to see in the next issue, please email

    Winter Spotlight 2014 Cover

    Read the latest issue:  Winter Spotlight 2014 [pdf] 2MB

    View back issues of Spotlight in our archive.

  2. TCHG Capital PLC Prospectus

  3. Broadwater Buzz

    Our Broadwater Buzz publication goes out four times a year to everyone living in the Showfields ward of Tunbridge Wells.

    Broadwater Buzz magazine cover

    Read the latest issue: Broadwater Buzz July 2014 [pdf] 4MB

  4. All About You - Our newsletter for sheltered housing tenants

    Cover of our sheltered housing newsletter

    Read the first issue of our newsletter for tenants in our sheltered housing – All About You!

    The first issue, which was distributed to tenants in time for Christmas, was put together by a team of residents and staff.

    It features articles about keeping safe in the colder months, a successful outcome for a garden loving tenant in Southborough and profiles of the editorial team.

    Read the Winter 2013 issue: All about you winter 2013-14 [pdf] 690KB

  5. Annual Report to Tenants

    Annual Report to Tenants

    Our Annual Report to Tenants looks at the services we offer to you and how we are reflecting the priorities of local communities The report focuses on the six standards set out by the Homes & Communities Agency, the independent regulator for affordable housing in England. It sets out what the standards say and how we are meeting them. If we do not currently meet them, it says how we plan to.

  6. Customer Satisfaction Survey - Results

    Cover of homeowner Satisfaction Survey results 2013Cover of Tenant Satisfaction Survey results 2013To find out what residents think of our services and how they could be improved we carry out large scale customer satisfaction surveys. The most recent surveys was carried out in 2013 and the results are published here. You can also see the results of the survey we carried out in 2010.

    STAR survey 2013 tenant summary [pdf] 265KB

    STAR survey 2013 homeowner summary [pdf] 253KB

  7. Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan 2013-2016

    Strategic Plan 2013-2016

    Residents, board members and staff have collectively developed and share ownership of this plan and will provide effective direction, leadership and scrutiny of delivery.

    Strategic Plan 2013-2016 [pdf] 2MB

  8. Other publications

    Other publications

    We produce a range of other publications providing information on dealing with anti-social behaviour, engaging with residents and managing money.

  9. Annual Reports and Financial Statements

    Read our Annual Report and Financial Statements.