Theatre experience builds confidence for tenants' children

Children of tenants enjoyed a fantastic confidence-building theatrical experience thanks to sponsorship from the Town & Country Foundation.

As part of its Skills for Life training, the charitable Foundation sponsored 10 places at the week long Trinity Summer School in Tunbridge Wells. Many of the families would not be able to access such projects without this support.

Young people aged from ten to 15 worked with the nationally renowned theatre company Strange Face. The workshop created a piece of theatre from scratch, using music, mask, set design and character study. The young people used their creativity and imagination to retell with a contemporary edge some well-loved fairy stories.

On the final day, families joined the children to watch their personal performance of the Grimm Fairy Tales where Rumpelstiltskin has turned Fairyland upside down. The children wrote the scenes together and worked with masks to produce the performance.

One of the tenants said: "As a single parent I could never have afforded this course. My children Tom and Amy loved it. I gained some space and they have gained so much confidence. We can't afford a holiday this year but the children said it was as good as a holiday."

The event was sponsored by Gleeds, a firm of International Management & Construction Consultants which has a regional office next to the Trinity.

Gleeds filmed the summer school as it developed during the week, interviewing the children and their families.

They also interviewed members of the Foundation who were able to explain their Skills for Life Training project, how they support children and families, and the wider work of the charity.

Gleeds will be showing the film on its corporate website which has a special section for, which shows its own corporate information and Community projects that Gleeds are involved in.

Our own TCHG website will feature the project and link to the film on