Town and Country gets full set of 'green lights' from Housing Corporation

HCAs play a central role in the regulation of the sector and the green lights are essential in ensuring our continuing status as a Housing Corporation development partner.

We have been awarded green lights for all the areas the Housing Corporation examines.

These are that we are

  • viable
  • properly governed
  • properly managed, and
  • that our development performance with Corporation funds is satisfactory.

If the Housing Corporation is concerned about housing association’s performance they can award amber or even red lights.

The successful assessment has been achieved thanks to the hard work of everyone who has been involved in shaping and delivering services to our customers.

To read the assessment in full click here.

Highlights include

“Town and Country Housing Group is expected to remain financially robust.”

“95% of the stock currently meets the Decent Homes Standard and that there is sufficient provision within the business plan to ensure the remaining stock will be compliant by 2010.”

“The board has a mix of knowledge and skills appropriate to the challenges it faces and it now reflects the community that it serves.”

“The Group involves its tenants in a variety of ways. It uses a number of processes to maintain a dialogue, including good quality newsletters, surgeries, and project meetings.”

“Tenants are involved, through tenant panels, in reviews of partnering contracts. It has an active tenants representative committee, a residents services committee with a significant tenant membership and tenants are recruited to the board.”

“The executive team has a range of skills and experience necessary for the activities it carries out. The executive and the board work together in an open and co-operative manner.”

“Views provided in response to a stakeholder survey indicate that the group is responsive, offers value for money, and works in a fair and equal way.

“The commitment to working with and supporting communities is captured in the Group's publications, which promote community cohesion and making neighbourhoods better places to live in.”

“The Group is committed to accessing and improving the value of the services provided.”

"Town and Country has been a development partner since 2004 and develops in Kent, including the north Kent part of the Thames Gateway and also develops in parts of East Sussex, Surrey and south London. Town and Country often develops complex projects and develops on both large and small sites including rural developments. The group is keen to focus on innovative design where possible."