Washing line lets Dover residents 'air their ideas'!

The event was been organised by Town and Country Housing Group, which has more than 170 homes on the estate. Town and Country's resident engagement officer, Simon Massingham, said that events captured the imagination of residents. "We wanted to find out what local people would like improved on the estate but we didn't want to do a boring old clipboard and questionnaire survey," said Simon. "The washing line gave people an ideal chance to air their views. Our artist in residence Jane Churchill was there to encourage people to decorate the clothes with paint and glitter and then write their ideas on them. "By hanging them on the washing line it got people talking and spark debate about what's really important. This included such things as landscaping and fences or anything else that would improve the look and feel of the area. The people who really know what the area needs are the people who live there." All the ideas will be looked at with interest.