Working on school garden helps families bloom

More than 30 families worked together to create a nature garden at St Barnabas Primary School, Tunbridge Wells.


The ‘Garden of the Imagination’ was created over two days and includes a brightly coloured mural on an aboriginal theme, a bath recycled as a pond, and a eco-friendly ‘bug hotel’.

The project was co-ordinated by Town & Country Foundation as part of its Skills for Life programme.

Led by Dave Prodrick, Senior Family Liaison Officer, the families cleared an area of land to create an outdoor space which children can enjoy as an alternative to the hustle and bustle of playground activities.

“Not everybody wants to play tag or football,” said Dave. “Some just like to sit and talk quietly to a friend and this garden will be perfect for that.

“The project was an ideal way to get families together during the school holidays. Parents often don’t have time in their busy lives to spend time with their children.

“Some of the parents were quite isolated when I started working with the school but activities like this bring them together and help them to build friendships and support networks.

“If they work together in groups they can fire off of each other and work out their own solutions to problems.

“Sometimes we do activities just for children but there is far more benefit long term if parents come along as well,” said Dave.

Holly, one of the children who took part, said: "I am so proud of what we have done with this garden."