Now the dust has settled on the festive period, it could be the perfect time to have a sort-out and get those presents you may not have use for to a better home.

Not only does a post-December sort-out of presents that haven’t been used or aren’t really useful to you have the benefit of potentially making you money/giving them a good home; it also allows you to declutter the house. 

An added perk is that research shows organising your belongings in the home can actually sharpen your concentration and improve your overall feeling of wellbeing there as there’s less around you to look after or clean. 

Starting is the hardest part: questions like ‘Will I one day need this?’ or ‘Will the kids eventually play with that?’ may pop up, but a good motto to use is ‘If you don’t love, wear or use it… give it away!’  

Here’s 3 ways to rehome things you don’t want or have use for:


1. Donate them to a cause 

In the months after the festive period you’ll find your local charity shop more than happy to take most unwanted presents (if they are in unused/reasonable condition) off your hands. If getting to your local shop may be a challenge, lots of charities will offer bags to fill that can be collected on certain days (info. often provided with the bag) – if not through the post, then sometimes they can be requested online. Here’s the link for the British Heart Foundation, for example. 

It naturally varies for each charity, but Cancer Research says it can potentially raise as much as £25 per average bag of donated goods – so those gifts you’re never going to have use for could actually make a difference to the work to find a cure for disease. 

You may be aware that charity shops in the area will welcome your unwanted gifts, but maybe have not have considered giving those smellies you may never use to a Hygiene Bank. These banks operate a lot like a food bank but collect new, unused and in-date hygiene essentials, beauty and personal care products – so that body wash, make-up or men’s grooming set you may never use could be a great help to someone struggling to buy basic hygiene goods.

2. Sell, swap or give away on your local Facebook group Market place

If you’re not already on your local ‘sell and swap’ (or similar) group, it’s worth a try to easily give away or sell something to someone nearby who will often pop by and collect it. To find your local one, simply type something similar to the above into the Facebook search and you’re likely to see one pop up.

If you’re not on Facebook, ask around your neighbours, family and friends and see if you can find a good home for something you don’t need. 

3. Regift them …or save them for next year! Present

If you don’t already have one, create a dedicated space (like the top of a wardrobe or a drawer under the bed) for presents to give at a later date – then, when you are in need of giving something it’s a nice surprise to see you may have something suitable already in there. Not only is this a good way to save money and hassle (especially around pre-Christmas months), but it’s also useful to have them live somewhere specific, and be out of the way. (The important thing with this one, however, is of course remembering who gave you what to avoid regifting to the person who gave it to you!) 

We hope this helps with your early year sort-out, whether sorting out presents from December or having a big tidy. Our next article will explore how to make the most use of space when organising the home.