A new way to deal with repairs in Tunbridge Wells

Countrywise repairs logoTown & Country has embarked on a joint venture with Linbrook Services Ltd to form a new company called Countrywise Repairs Limited. The new company will provide repairs for residents in the Tunbridge Wells area.

What is Countrywise Repairs Ltd?
Countrywise Repairs Ltd is a joint venture between ourselves and Linbrook. A joint venture is essentially a jointly owned company. The new company structure means that responsibilities, risks and rewards are shared between the two organisations.

Why have we started the new company?
We are excited about this new venture, and believe it will offer the following benefits:

  • We will be able to draw upon Linbrook’s expertise in the repairs and maintenance area
  • The shared responsibility of a joint venture gives us greater control, and will allow us to improve customer service and respond to any problems or satisfaction issues more quickly.

Who are Linbrook?
Linbrook Services Limited was created 38 years ago and employs 350 people in the UK. In 2011 Linbrook Services Limited were acquired by the Wates Group Limited which has a 114 year history and employs approximately 2,200 people, making it one of the UK’s largest building and construction companies. Find out more about Linbrook.

How will I recognise the company?
The logo for the new company is shown at the top right of this page. The uniforms and vehicles will bear the new eye-catching logo to promote the new company and its services

How does it work?
Countrywise Repairs Limited will provide the service for repairs on properties in the Tunbridge Wells area. Their staff will handle all calls from residents regarding repairs, will make the appointment and direct the work to an appropriate operative for the work to be done. The new company will also be responsible for inspections, quantity surveying and liaison between residents, residents’ associations and the company.

What will it mean for me?
We believe that our residents will experience better customer service, a more efficient appointment system, multi-skilled operatives able to deal with a number of issues and better quality control. If you have an emergency repair Countrywise Repairs will deal with it and will make an appointment with you for any follow on repairs you need. All routine repairs will be carried out by appointment to suit you.

How will I report a repair?
The ways you can report a repair will stay the same. Find out how to report a repair.

What will change?
To improve customer service we plan to introduce a ‘home check’ scheme, which will involve a thorough inspection of your home to identify and carry out repairs. Following this we expect there will be no further repairs needed to your home during the year apart from emergencies. 

But what about if I don’t live in the Tunbridge Wells area?
Don’t worry, you will continue to receive the same quality service you have always experienced from us. Our repairs contractor for the other areas – Mears – will continue to deal with your repairs, which you will report in exactly the same way as before.