Our payment processing service, allpay, has announced a new checkout system designed to make paying rent easier for customers who pay through Internet Payments.

allpay has introduced changes to its checkout so residents can pay more quickly, whilst still keeping all their important details safe and secure.

What has changed on allpay?

Following recent updates to make allpay more optimised for mobile users making Internet Payments, it has introduced a new checkout process.

The new checkout experience will be soon work for those who pay make Internet Payments to us via allpay. What customers will now see in the checkout process following the changes is shown below:

all pay screenshot of updated checkout system on phone

Please note that the URL will stay as www.allpayments.net, as it was before the update (so nothing in your ‘bookmarks’ or ‘favourites’ etc. needs to change).

When will I see changes?

From the end of July 2019 onwards allpay will be rolling out the changes to customers – a number will have been contacted directly about the change.

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