The Annual Report

for residents 2019-20

In October we usually produce an Annual Report for Residents. This looks back at the previous financial year and gives an overview of our services and our performance.

This has been a very unusual few months and we’ve been focusing resources on maintaining essential services and keeping residents and staff safe and supported, so we’ve decided on a different approach to this year’s Annual Report. We’ll still look back at 2019/20 and give you lots of information, but through a series of articles which you can find below. These articles will also be shared in our resident newsletter over the next few months.

We’ll also tell you what’s been happening to some of the services as a result of the Covid19 pandemic, how we’ve adapted and how what we’ve learnt will impact on how we deliver our services and communicate with residents in the future.

Later in the year we’ll produce information that will be available for residents who don’t have access to information online.

Annual Report 2019-20
December 1, 2020

Pilot project to improve our sheltered accommodation

Our over 55’s sheltered accommodation schemes have benefitted from kitchen and bathroom upgrades
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