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Ashby’s Point: frequently asked questions

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Here’s some of the our frequently asked questions around fire safety at Ashby’s Point. We will continue to update this page as and when we have more information to share with you.

General questions answered

Q: Is Ashby’s Point safe to occupy? / Is there a fire risk?

Yes, Ashby’s Point is completely safe and by closing the car park, we have mitigated the risk of fire. 

For background information, when Ashby’s Point was built 10 years ago, it met all fire and building regulations required.  Today, there is more knowledge about how certain materials behave and the latest government fire safety recommendation is that detailed surveys of buildings over 18 metres, like Ashby’s Point, are carried out.

A team of fire specialists were commissioned to survey the building. Their initial report raised concerns about the impact a car fire in the car park could have on the building above. Nothing in the report suggests there is any more likelihood of fire but in the event of a fire in the car park, there is concern that it could spread more rapidly to the external timber cladding.

Given this information we had no choice other than to clear the car park immediately, which we know is inconvenient for our residents, but safety must come first. We are now exploring what works are needed to safely reinstate the car park as soon as possible and to ensure that Ashby’s Point will pass safety guidelines in the longer term.

Q: How long will the car park be closed for?

The car park will have to remain out of use until the remedial work has been carried out and the building meets the safety new requirements.  We are investigating the exact scope of what needs to be done and how the work will be scheduled.  Once this is in place, we will be able to share more information about timescales.  Rest assured that alternative parking arrangements will be provided until the car park is reinstated.

Q: Who carried out the assessment and can we have a copy of the fire report?

Ashby’s Point was surveyed by a team of professional fire specialists led by a member of the Institution of Fire Engineers.  The resulting report is a technical document written for a very specific professional audience to enable them to make key decisions about the building and is therefore not intended for general distribution.

Q: Why do fire safety rules mean residents can’t keep personal belongings in the hallways?

The latest fire safety guidelines recommend a “sterile corridor policy” which means that nothing – not even a doormat – can be left in public areas.  We understand that it is frustrating for residents not to be able to keep things like prams, bikes and buggies in the hallways but safety in our buildings has to be the priority. If there was an emergency, items in the hallways would make it much more difficult to evacuate the building safely and could delay response officers gaining access.  We are sorry for the inconvenience but hope you understand that we must prioritise the safety of all our residents.  There is more information here.

Shared Owners / Leaseholders

Q: Will I be able to re-enter into a parking licence once the car park re-opens

Yes you will be able to enter into a parking license when the car park re-opens