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Being a good neighbour

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Antisocial behaviour

Unfortunately, we are getting more nuisance and anti-social behaviour issues in some areas. Some of this is around increased noise created by people being at home. If you experience problems that you’re unable to resolve, please let us know. We can still offer advice and we remain in contact with the police and other statutory agencies. For serious incidents please follow usual processes and contact 999 for urgent assistance or 101 for non-emergencies.


We are receiving several complaints regarding noise levels.

Please do consider your neighbours when members of your household, along with any pets, are creating noise that can be heard outside of your home. We also ask that you try and be tolerant with neighbours who are trying to manage their way through these difficult times.

If you have concerns or are experiencing persistent noise nuisance, please contact us for some support and advice.

Public gatherings are not permitted at present and if you have concerns about this contact the police.


We understand that people are keen to keep busy at this very difficult time. With the weather improving, gardening is a great way to keep active and something many people enjoy.

We know that is some areas there has been a suspension of the garden waste collection service meaning people are having to store their garden waste in their gardens for the time being.

While it may be tempting to get rid of your garden and other waste by burning it, the smoke can cause distress to your neighbours. We are especially concerned for those most vulnerable to smoke such as those with asthma and other respiratory conditions and/or could be suffering from COVID-19. The smoke may not only make it worse for them but due to the current ‘lockdown’ rules would restrict them from going somewhere else to get away from it.

Please also consider this may put additional pressure on the emergency services if the fire was to spread.

The Environmental Protection Officers are still working and will take enforcement action against people causing smoke nuisance where necessary.

Thank you for working with us to help make life a little less stressful for each other during this difficult time.