Why are we so passionate about the Benefit to Society campaign?

Sherwood community dayThe Benefit to Society campaign brings together tenants, housing associations, councils, ALMOs and more to say it’s time to end social housing stereotypes!

Town & Country Housing staff and tenants were involved in the initial workshops, surveys and think tanks and we make up the 26 Housing organisations who have sponsored this campaign.

We are asking politicians, social landlords and members of the public to sign up to pledge their support to tackle stigma where they see it.

We are very proud to be part of a campaign to tackle stereotyping.

The launch will take place on the 28th February at the House of Commons. As well as launching the social media campaign, aiming to give profile to some of the real and untold stories of social housing tenants, the event will also see the unveiling of new research carried out by Professor Anne Power of the London School of Economics. This suggests that the reduction in social housing from around 30% of the country’s housing stock to around 17%, has had a negative impact on the wider public perception of who lives in social housing. The assumption is often that it’s a tenure of last choice. However, analysis of qualitative data from tenants shows that the reality is that social housing provides good quality homes for a wide range of people.

If you would like further information about the campaign please visit the website or follow us on social media.