Sadly, coronavirus is creating a perfect environment for fraudsters with many scammers seeing it as an opportunity to profit.

From time to time we may call you about your rent balance. If you have concerns about the authenticity, we can send you an email to verify it’s us. If it’s to pay your rent, you may prefer to use alternative methods like paying online through your MyHomeOnline account.

We are currently delivering an emergency only repairs service due to coronavirus and have limited our face-to-face contact with residents. But should you be expecting us, all our staff and contractors have identity cards, so please make sure you ask to see them before you let anyone in.

If you are in any doubt as to whether you should let someone into your home, then politely ask the person to wait outside, close your door and call us on 01892 501480 to check. Do not call the number on their ID card.

To protect yourself and others from scammers, read Which? Advice on how to spot and stop coronavirus scams.  You can also find out more on the Government website.

Click here for advice on scams from Kent Police