Starting from 30 September, 2019, TCH residents living in Tunbridge Wells will be able to recycle more from home. Now, everyone will be able to recycle glass with tins and plastics – just pop it all in the same recycling bin (please rinse items to help avoid contamination). Paper and cardboard will continue to be collected separately.

If you live in a communal flat, there may be a change to which bin you use for recycling materials and your paper and cardboard.

Don’t worry, if this happens we will display new stickers on your bins and posters in the communal hallways so you will know what to put where. There will also be another update in the next tenant email newsletter in September.

Your rubbish bin should remain unchanged.

The next copy of the LOCAL magazine, distributed in the week commencing 16 September, 2019, will also contain more information about the new recycling and waste service.

You can also find out more on the council’s website.