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Changes to the way we calculate your rent

By March 9, 2018 No Comments

As of April 2018, the way your rent is calculated has changed. This is to make it easier for you to budget and pay your rent.  

Previously, the amount of rent you paid for your home was calculated by dividing the rent for the year by 48 weeks. This means that unless you have rent arrears, you did not have to make a rent payment for two weeks in April and a further two weeks in December. 

However, given very few people are now paid weekly and in line with Universal Credit, which is paid monthly and includes Housing Benefit, we plan to spread your rent over 52 weeks instead of 48 weeks. 

Although this means we will collect rent every week, your weekly charge is less. 

Please see the following example to help you understand the new rent calculation:

Mr and Mrs Brown’s rent is a total of £4,681.44 per year. When divided by 48 weeks, he pays £97.53 per week. 

From April 2018, Mr and Mrs Brown’s rent will be divided by 52 weeks meaning he will pay £90.03 per week. 

From April 2018, we will also apply the 1% government rent reduction, reducing your weekly payment further. 

For more information about Universal Credit, please follow the link: