Town and Country Housing considers your safety a priority. We hope you enjoy the Christmas festivities but please be aware of the heightened risk of fire over the holiday period.


  • Please keep furniture and storage to reasonable levels on a balcony or terrace.
  • Please only use external grade lighting and non-flammable decorations if you want to decorate your balcony.
  • Barbecues and other forms of hot cooking must not be used on balconies under any circumstances; an incident on one balcony could quickly affect others.

Christmas Lighting 

  • Please check that Christmas lights used for decoration are in safe condition before you use them – please only use low voltage sets such as LED’S that have a transformer you plug in to the wall, or battery powered lights.
  • Make sure any Christmas lights are switched off while you are sleeping and when you are not home.
  • Take care with candles.
  • Be aware not to overload sockets and or extension leads.


  • Check that smoke and/or heat detectors are in working condition and are not covered – press the test button to make sure they sound.

In the communal areas

Wishing you a Safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!