Community Safety Team here for you

By May 27, 2020 No Comments

Town & Country’s specialised Community Safety Team deal with anti -social behaviour reports and incidents. The way the team is currently working may have changed and while they may not be out and about at present, they are still very much here for you if you need them.

The team has been working hard, together with local agencies and partners, to ensure our communities are keeping safe and well during this unusual period.

We spoke to our Community Safety Manager, Eleanor to find out how the team is working with our residents and communities to help keep them safe.

How are the Community Safety Team supporting our residents during this time?

“We are still communicating well with our residents, even though we are not able to meet face to face or make home visits at the moment.

We are receiving a high number of calls and emails about antisocial behaviour, and in particular noise nuisance. We are working hard with other agencies, such as the police and councils, to help manage these concerns.

Although there are a few aspects of our job which have become more limited, and we miss the face to face contact with residents, generally we are able to offer a similar service as before the COVID-19 restrictions were put in place.”

How can you help?

“Try and be understanding of each other’s circumstances.

During this lockdown period, more people are going to be at home for extended periods of time. We ask people to be aware of the noise they make in their homes and the impact this may have on neighbours. It’s also important to recognise that some households will be noisier than usual, and to be more tolerant of this.

We’ve had quite a few calls from concerned residents because people have been congregating in groups in communal areas of flats. This is not allowed while we are being asked by the government to socially distance from one another, it is extremely important that we all follow this guidance to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.”

How can we help?

“Please contact us if you want to discuss concerns you have about a neighbour’s behaviour or if you are worried about a neighbour who isn’t coping well during this time. Not only is the community safety team able to offer help and advice but we also have a  team of colleagues available to offer some extra support during this time.”

Are you worried about domestic abuse?

“We are especially keen to hear from anyone worried about domestic abuse, either towards yourself or if you’re worried about a neighbour or family member. There is support available to you.

However, if you are worried about the impact on your living arrangements or would like us to get you some help, please speak to us so we can support and advise you.