Corporate Strategy Consultation

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Have your say about our corporate delivery objectives 

We have recently developed a new corporate strategy 2022-25 to reflect our current priorities. The objectives concentrate on local needs and circumstances whilst reflecting the Peabody Group ethos.

Our objectives are:

We are all about people

  • The ‘resident voice’ will feature throughout, regardless of whether services are customer or non-customer facing.
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion will be a key consideration when co-creating new or reviewing existing services and policies.
  • Our interactions and communications with residents, partners and stakeholders will be driven by respect and empathy, with the clear recognition that everyone is an individual.
  • Our biggest assets are our colleagues and service delivery partners. We will prioritise staff training, development, wellbeing and engagement and become the local employer of choice.
  • Our newly refurbished, modern office environment, first-rate IT and remote working arrangements will continue to enable flexibility and ensure staff are best placed to deliver services that are accessible to all.
  • We will enable residents to thrive. Community investment initiatives will focus on supporting good mental health and wellbeing.

We are focused on getting the basics right

  • The safety of our residents and homes is our first and most important priority.
  • Improving resident satisfaction, particularly with our repairs and maintenance service is a key priority. From April 2022, Town and Country Housing will be providing the repairs service directly, with a new joint venture partner in place by late 2022.
  • Residents will know who to contact with their queries, we will aim to respond rapidly and take personal responsibility for problem solving.
  • The requirement to carry out meaningful resident engagement in a range of formats will be further embedded into our culture.

We are passionate about creating a sustainable Town and Country Housing

  • We will continue to be the regional developer of choice and provide genuinely affordable housing. The number of homes we provide will increase every year.
  • We will build new homes in places where people want to live, utilising both traditional and modern methods of construction.
  • To ensure long term sustainability, we will aim to provide quality new homes with in-built digital connectivity and technology designed to minimise utility costs which are increasingly prohibitive and can impact affordability.
  • The ongoing maintenance and improvement of existing homes to an uncompromising high standard remains a key priority. Homes will meet the revised decent homes standard as a minimum by 2025.
  • We get huge pride and satisfaction from the positive impact we make to residents and local communities. As part of the corporate social responsibility programme, we will encourage staff to volunteer with local charities or community initiatives and maximise social value in supplier contracts.

Have your say 

We want to ensure that our priorities reflect yours.

Is anything missing? Should anything be changed? Do you have any other comments?

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