Dog training sessions in Sherwood prove a big success

Dog training session If you are out in Sherwood on Tuesday evenings, you may see a long line of dogs and their owners learning how to train their dogs.

The five-week course is run by local canine behaviour expert Cerith White to give dog owners valuable information on how to control their dogs and understand how they are thinking.

Mr White said: “The course will teach participants everything they need to know about their dog’s behaviour and how they can modify their own behaviour to get obedient family pets. There are a series of small changes that can make all the difference and there is no dog that cannot be trained.”

The initiative, organised by Town & Country Foundation, is a response to a community campaign that wants to encourage responsible ownership.

The idea was raised during consultations with residents about the housing association’s new grounds maintenance local standards. Residents asked for the dog dirt to be cleared up before the grass was cut – but importantly they wanted residents to show responsibility for their dogs.

There are also a significant number of ‘status’ dogs on the estate and breeds that have this label need the owners to be even more aware of their responsibilities towards their fellow neighbours.

The initiative also includes:

  • A campaign against dog dirt and providing bags for disposal
  • School based education about pet ownership
  • Review of Town & Country Housing’s policy on pet ownership
  • Providing training and space for dogs away from parks and towards other open space
  • Gaining community access to the woods for dog walking
  • Encouraging vaccination and micro chipping of dogs
  • Enforcement by the Council and Town & Country Housing in terms of ASB caused by dogs

Residents learn how to control their petsChair of Town & Country’s Town Tenant Representative Committee and Sherwood resident Dawn Stanford said: “The campaign is about listening to what residents want. It is not the ‘I say - you do’ approach it’s about saying: ‘Here is the support and affordable access to available resources and training to achieve what you can’. Dogs are as much a part of our families as children are and it’s about working together to help residents be good neighbours and look after our community.”

The sessions are subsidised by Town & Country Foundation and cost £3 per week.

If you are interested in booking onto the next course in May please contact Carol Francis on 01892 501697, email