Equality & Diversity

Ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and providing support to minority groups.

Opportunities for all

We are committed to raising the profile and maximising opportunities for all members of the community and we recognise the need to provide support to minority groups. We have adopted a set of principles within our Equality and Diversity strategy which support this commitment. The Equality and Diversity strategy is available through the website or a printed version can be provided.

All tenants should be fairly treated

Anyone who applies for a home will be treated fairly and assessed according to their housing needs. We will consider any cultural or special requirements and where possible these will be accommodated. To help tenants with matters regarding their tenancy for those who do not understand English, information can be made available in audio, large print or Braille and translations We also provide sensitive support to tenants who are unable to read or need some assistance with reading.

We are continuously looking at ways in which to encourage and enhance participation of minority groups in the services we provide. We work continuously to improve the way we deliver our services and provide access to those services.

Our staff and governing body

We are committed to having a workforce and governing body that reflects the communities in which we operate. We will embrace diversity, which is acknowledging and appreciating the ways in which people differ, and using these differences to enhance creativity, innovation and improved working practices. All staff and Board members receive training in equality and diversity issues. All staff and Board members are required to support and work within our Equality and Diversity strategy.

Working with contractors and suppliers

We expect those with whom we work to respect tenants and to support and demonstrate a commitment to equality and diversity.

What if further action is needed?

If you feel that you have not been treated fairly or equally then we would like to hear from you. Where appropriate you will be advised of our Complaints Procedure.

Further Reading:

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