Monson House outside of building

About our business

Our mission is to deliver quality homes, build communities and improve lives. We do this by recruiting and nurturing the best talent. We have a forward thinking approach to social housing and high ambitions to be the best provider of housing and housing services in the South East.

Employing around 150 people, we foster a culture where talented individuals are supported to do their best work. We value innovative thinking and diverse insights. We strive to offer an exceptional level of customer service through our expertise and professionalism and so we are committed to recruiting and developing people who can really make a difference, which is reflected in our Investors in People status

We provide more than 9,500 affordable homes in Kent and Sussex. We have a strong commitment to providing good quality housing, excellent customer service, supporting and developing vibrant communities and combating social exclusion. We are committed to developing a positive approach to customer service, where the views and needs of residents are at the heart of everything we do.

Who we are

Town and Country is an independent provider of housing and related services in the South East of England. We own 9,247 homes and in addition we own the freehold interest for 455 leasehold properties.

types of tenure
Any accommodation that is not designed for specific client groups requiring support or does not have the special design features that are specific to housing for older people and supported housing.
Sheltered housing is specifically intended for older people (usually over 55) providing independent living in a block, or on a small estate, where all the other residents are older people. With a few exceptions, all developments (or ‘schemes’) are self-contained homes with their own front doors.
Intermediate rent is social housing provided to tenants at rent levels which are above Social Rent levels and below market rent levels.
Properties where the occupant owns a stake of less than 100% of the full equity and the organisation has a management responsibility. Properties under Shared Ownership properties are available thorugh LoveLiving Homes, the private sector arm of Town and Country.
The amount of rent that can be expected for the use of a property, in comparison with similar properties in the same area
Loveliving Homes is the private sector arm of Town and Country Housing Group. It develops new market homes for outright sale. Profits generated from sales are used to support the Group’s community initiatives.
Purpose designated supported housing. The delivery of support under the ‘Supporting People’ regime does not necessarily mean that accommodation would be categorised as ‘supported housing’, if the property is not purpose built or specifically designated for a client group.
Affordable rent properties either new build or converted from existing stock which are let under the HCA’s affordable rent programme. These properties will be let at rents of up to 80% of market rent levels.

Our History

1989: Tunbridge Wells & District Housing Association

1992: Stock transfer of 5,500 homes from Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and name changed to High Weald Housing Association. 1,000 homes were immediately lost through right to buy (30th January 1992).

1999: White Cliffs Housing Association formed to manage homes in East Kent.
2000: Town & Country Housing Group was created.

The Daisy Lettings brand was created for the private lettings portfolio

2007: Group restructured to focus on Town & Country brand.

  • TCHG Living becomes responsible for managing private lettings, leasehold and shared ownership homes.
  • TCHG Foundation established to focus on community development.
  • Monson Homes becomes development and regeneration vehicle for TCHG.

2012: Countrywise Repairs set up as joint venture with Wates to provide repairs and maintenance to properties in West Kent.