To make sure your home is ready for the cold months ahead, there are some quick checks you can do to identify any problems before winter hits.

When the temperature drops you will want to make sure your home is warm and comfortable so it’s a good idea to test it before bad weather sets in.

For gas and oil systems, turn all the radiator valves on and the room thermostat to maximum. Then set the heating to run on your programmer/boiler and after 15 minutes touch the radiators to see if they are starting to heat up.

If all the radiators heat up everything should be fine for when you need to use the system. Just turn the heating off and wait for the colder weather.

If none of the radiators are working, please call Swale Heating. Our contractor will work to fix any problems with your electric, gas, hot water or heating systems and now there are more ways to contact them.

If one or two radiators remain cold it could mean a small amount of air has entered the system and all you need do is bleed those radiators. Swale telephone advisors can also help with explaining how you can carry out basic quick fixes such as bleeding radiators.

In addition to calling 0800 011 3139 you can email or visit

If you use oil call Headcorn Heating on 01622 891299, and they will send an engineer to check the system. While you are waiting for an appointment please make sure you turn the heating system off.

More top tips!

  • Look around the outside of your home for leaking gutters, dripping overflows, missing roof tiles and loose or damaged brickwork. Report any problems to us straight away.
  • Keep your heating at a constant temperature of 18° to 21°C during cold spells to help prevent condensation
  • Leave your heating and hot water on low if you go away to avoid frozen pipes if the weather turns very cold.
  • Avoid condensation and mould by using extractor fans and opening the windows especially after bathing, showering or cooking and dry washing outside where possible.