Getting support with mental health

By May 5, 2020 No Comments

The impact of coronavirus will be influencing our lives in different ways, including affecting many people’s mental health.

There are lots of things we can all do to help look after our mental wellbeing including staying connected with friends and family via phone and video calls, creating a regular routine or looking after our body through a healthy diet and physical exercise.

But if you need extra support looking after your mental wellbeing, there is all kinds of help available. Below are three resources you could try:

Release the pressure – Mental health support from Kent County Council

They have a highly trained and experienced team available 24/7 to provide expert support no matter what you are going through.

Text the word Kent to 85258 or phone 0800 107 0160 for free confidential support at any time.

Every Mind Matters from NHS

Every Health Matters is a new initiative from the NHS which has lots of useful resources containing expert advice and practical tips to help you look after your mental health and wellbeing.

Mind have an information hub that provides lots of reliable information and tips on all areas of your life to help you cope during this time. There’s also information to support young people struggling at this time.