Helping young people manage their money

Residents and staff from YMCA's Ryder House show Norma the Manager of Tunbridge Wells' Oxfam shop the finished article.A new guide aimed at helping young people manage their money and deal with budgeting, benefits and overdrafts has been launched.

Young Persons’ Money Box magazine, which is the second part of the Money Support Services Project, was written and produced by Town & Country Foundation and funded in partnership with Kent County Council.

The guide gives young people useful advice about managing their money and covers topics such as taxes, budgeting, loans and banking.

It even features a photo strip starring residents from YMCA's Ryder House shopping in the Tunbridge Wells Oxfam shop in order to show young people that buying vintage clothing from charity shops can be better for your finances.

The information in the guide was designed in consultation with local schools and hostels and has been specifically tailored for young people. It was also fully reviewed and agreed by Citizens Advice, Kent County Council and Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.

Vintage page from Young Persons Money BoxThe magazine is supported by a suite of training modules so that staff from agencies who work with young people can be trained to advise using the guide.

It has also been given an official quality mark from the Personal Finance in Education Group (PFEG) which means it can be used as an accredited resource as part of the national curriculum.

Town & Country Foundation’s Financial Inclusion Manager Mark Faithful said: “It was great to work with local young people on this innovative project. Their input was invaluable to ensure that the information was attractive and accessible. We are very proud to have created a magazine written by young people, for young people.”

All Town & Country residents have received a copy and free copies will also be sent to schools throughout Kent.

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Top: Residents and staff from YMCA's Ryder House show Norma the Manager of Tunbridge Wells' Oxfam shop the finished article.
Above: The vintage shopping photostory starring Ryder House resident Becky and Norma in the Oxfam shop.