Town & Country Housing residents selected for housing ombudsman resident panel

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Town & Country residents selected for new Housing Ombudsman Resident Panel

Congratulations to residents Terry from Tunbridge Wells and Stacey from Dover who have both been selected to join a new Housing Ombudsman Resident Panel.

What is the Housing Ombudsman?

The Housing Ombudsman is an independent, impartial body which looks at complaints made about housing associations.

The Housing Ombudsman is there to support residents and leaseholders if they are unable to resolve a dispute directly with their landlord.

As well as resolving individual complaints, the Ombudsman plays an important role in helping landlords improve services by promoting learning outcomes and positive changes resulting from complaints.

What is the Resident Panel?

At the beginning of this year, residents were invited to join a new Resident Panel. 600 residents have since been selected to join the Panel.

The Resident Panel will focus on key areas of the Housing Ombudsman’s work, such as their corporate plan and business plan. Panel members will be able to provide valuable insight and feedback from their personal experience as housing association residents.

We know a few of our residents were considering making applications, so if anyone else has also been accepted, please do let us know!