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How do I apply for housing?

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Properties in Kent are let through Kent Homechoice, a Choice Based Lettings (CBL) scheme and properties in Sussex are let through a CBL scheme in Sussex called Homemove . Rather than us allocating empty homes, applicants wanting to move into one of our homes, or to transfer to another of our homes in the area, can ‘bid’ for the properties they are interested in. You can also Mutual Exchange.

How do I use Kent Homechoice or Homemove?

Please contact your local council and complete a Joint Housing Register form. They will send you a user guide and welcome pack. When you have received this you can start to bid.

How are homes let?

Empty properties are advertised on the Kent Homechoice website: or Homemove website: The adverts tell you all about the property including whether it is available for transferring tenants to bid on (indicated by a ‘T’).
You can make a bid in a number of ways:

You can bid on three properties per bidding cycle. This information is used to create a shortlist for the property. The person that comes at the top of the list will be offered the property.

If you are already one of our tenants, you can make bids for any suitable property advertised for either Transferring tenants only (T) or Homeseekers/transferring tenants (H/T).

If your bid is successful, we will contact you to go through the letting process and arrange a viewing as soon as possible.

Transferring to another Town & Country home

If you are a Town & Country tenant and you would like to move within the local authority area you currently live in you can bid for another property on Kent Homechoice or Homemove

If you would like to continue to live in one of our homes but move to another area please contact us for more information. We recommend that you register with the Council for the area you would like to move to, to ensure you have the widest choice available to you.

Exceptional Social Needs

There will be situations where we may award additional points or directly let to someone who is experiencing an exceptional circumstance (e.g. harassment, domestic abuse etc). Please contact your Neighbourhood Housing Manager, who will support you to make the case for an exceptional move.

The Standard of our empty homes

Our void standard document outlines the property standards tenants can expect when they move into a ‘void’ or empty property. It has been produced following a review by our Resident Scrutiny Panel and is now used as part of the tenancy sign up process.

Download: Void standard [pdf]