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How do I avoid a breach of tenancy?

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Your Tenancy Agreement set out how we expect you to live in our properties. Most of these are common sense and relate to paying your rent, keeping your home well maintained and living peacefully with your neighbours.
Below is a list of the most common breaches of tenancy

Falling into rent arrears

Non-payment of rent affects all tenants as money from rent pays the bills for repairs and maintenance of all our properties. We encourage anyone with financial difficulties to tell us immediately so that a solution can be found. Perhaps we may be able to arrange for you to pay off the arrears gradually, or offer some advice on benefits you might be entitled to.

Your Income Manager can go through your income and expenditure with you to help you organise your money. The Housing Benefit Officer at your local council or the local Citizens’ Advice Bureau may also be able to assist you. If you ignore your rent arrears or are unable to work with us to sort out the debt, you may face losing your home.

Causing anti-social behaviour or harassment

See our information on what we term as anti-social behaviour.

Damaging our property

If we have to carry out work to your home to repair deliberate damage or wilful neglect, you will be charged for the work. In extreme cases, we will take legal action and you could lose your home.

Neglecting gardens and outside space

Your garden must be kept in a clean and tidy condition. If you wish to erect a fence or shed, please contact us because they can only be a certain height or size. If you do not do these things, you may be in breach of your tenancy and the Housing Manager will contact you and agree how you will rectify the breach.

Inconsiderate parking and the condition of vehicles

Only taxed and roadworthy vehicles may be parked on our property. You will be asked to remove untaxed or unroadworthy cars or vans. If you do not do this we may take legal action, especially if they are potentially dangerous, You should not park lorries on our property.

Not getting permission for home improvements

Sometimes tenants try to undertake improvements without the correct Building or Planning Permission. You must get our permission before you make any changes to your home, other than painting or decorating the inside of your home. If the work carried out damages your home we will ask you to pay for any repairs. Should the work make your home unsafe and you do not let us inspect and/or repair it, we may take legal action and you may be in danger of losing your home. When you leave your home you may be asked to return it to its original state before the work was carried out.

Get in touch before it is too late

If you are unsure whether you have breached your tenancy please arrange to talk to us. We can arrange a confidential meeting to talk things through and we may also know of other ways in which you could be helped to solve your problem.