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How do I avoid getting ill from legionella?

By January 19, 2021 No Comments

If you’ve been away from your home for a period of time, bacteria can multiply in your cold and hot water systems increasing to high levels. The bacteria can then spread via spray from showers and taps.

As your landlord we have a legal obligation to ensure you are aware of the potential health dangers from inhaling small droplets of water, as they could potentially contain bacteria.

Water that stagnates can allow colonisation and where there is sludge, rust and scale present the bacteria could feed and multiply.

The elderly and people with chest or lung issues will be most at risk.

How to avoid bacteria in your water

  • If you’ve been away from home for a period of time run water through showers and taps slowly for 10 minutes
  • Clean shower heads and taps regularly to stop lime scale build up and mould growth.
  • Keep your hot water boiler system at a temperature of 60 degrees or greater.
  • By taking these simple steps you can help your family to avoid becoming ill due to Legionella bacteria.