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How do I reconnect to my gas supply?

By October 19, 2017 No Comments

If you have gas to your property but no meter and you wish to re-connect gas to your property, you must have registered with a gas supplier who will install a gas meter for you. If your property is supplied via a gas card pre-payment meter, you must make sure you have credit on the card. In all cases you MUST advise us immediately

If your property has not had gas previous installed you must notify us in writing if you intend to connect to a gas supply. Where the property has a gas main nearby we will make a request to Southern Gas Networks to carry out the connection on your behalf and all you will then need to do is request a gas meter from your preferred supplier once the supply is laid on.

At this stage we will ask Swale Heating to undertake an inspection and issue a certificate. This will allow us to carry out the annual gas safety check which is a legal requirement. You may also be interested in having gas central heating installed and if so you should make a request when you first write seeking a new gas supply.

Clearly, we can only install gas to properties where there is a suitable and accessible gas supply in the road