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How do I set up a joint tenancy?

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What is a Joint Tenancy?

A Joint Tenancy is one where all parties to the Joint Tenancy have equal rights to the tenancy, whilst being equally or individually liable for the smooth running of the tenancy. This means we can talk to you together or individually about issues relating to the tenancy. You all have the right to the same level of information about your Tenancy. You are also responsible together and individually for ensuring the terms of the Tenancy Agreement are maintained, for example, by paying the rent.

Becoming a Joint Tenant

If you are married or have a partner with whom you would like to share the tenancy of your home, contact your Housing Manager. Every case is different and we want to be sure to give you the right advice.

You will be asked to sign a form requesting a Joint Tenancy be created. If your name has changed from the time you signed the original Tenancy Agreement we will ask for proof of this, for example a Marriage Certificate or Deed Poll document.

When requesting a Joint Tenancy please ensure there are no rent arrears on the account as this may lead to a refusal, however don’t let this stop you from asking advice on what to do.

Your Housing Manager will help you come to a repayment schedule for any money you may owe us.

Once all the formalities are complete you will be asked to sign a new Tenancy Agreement.