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How long will it take to fix my heating or hot water?

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Know what level of service you can expect from our heating contractors, Swale (gas and electric) and Headcorn Heating (oil powered heating), if you have a problem with you heating or hot water

Please note that both Swale and Headcorn Heating will always do their very best to keep to the timescales below but issues like bad weather or availability of parts can sometimes delay things. They will always prioritise urgent repairs and households with vulnerable family members.

In cases of emergencies:

  • In the case of a suspected gas leak or carbon monoxide alarm activation please contact SGN immediately on the national gas emergency number: 0800 111 999
  • If you have an uncontainable water leak our repairs service will attend within 4 hours – call 01892 501480 (option 1)

If you have no heating and / or no hot water our contractors will attend:

  • Within 24 hours – if you have young children, older family members or someone with a disability in your household
  • Within 48 hours in all other cases

If Swale or Headcorn Heating can’t fix your heating straight away, we’ll provide temporary electric heaters. Unfortunately, there are no means of providing alternative hot water until repairs are completed.  We understand how inconvenient it is to be without hot water or heating and we will work with our contractors to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

Non-urgent heating and hot water repairs

  • Will be completed within 20 days

Pre-Planned Repairs

  • Will be completed within 28 Days

Contact details

Swale (gas and electric heating)

Tel: 0800 011 3139



Swale Heating will only attend breakdown calls up to 10.00pm unless it’s an uncontainable water leak.

During periods of high demand, Swale Heating will try to provide information over the phone to find a temporary solution until a plumber can attend.

Swale also offer help and advice and how to videos which are available to watch on their YouTube channel. But please, always call if you’re unsure what the problem is or you need their help.

If you’ve arranged for a Swale Engineer, you can now track them through Swale’s customer portal.

Headcorn Heating (oil powered heating)

Tel: 01622 891299



They will send an engineer to check the system. While you are waiting for an appointment please make sure you turn the heating system off.