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How should I deal with anti-social behaviour?

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Where possible, it is important that residents try and resolve issues themselves. Where issues cannot be resolved, we will provide support to victims in dealing with anti-social behaviour.

In some cases your neighbour might not be aware that what they are doing is causing a nuisance to you.

Here are some ways in which you can deal with the situation

  • Try to approach them and explain how their actions or behaviours are making you feel. You can use words like “when you do …….., it makes me feel …….” this way they know what impact it is having on you and it may
    help them to see it from your point of view.
  • Keep a record of any incidents that occur. This will help us to see what the problems are and may be useful as evidence, should we need to take further action.
  • If you are unable to speak to them or you have been unable to communicate your feelings, you can contact us or your Housing Manager for support.
  • We may ask you and your neighbour to consider mediation. This is using an independent person to work with you both to find a solution.
  • If it continues, we will talk you through the next stage as there are a number of options available to us.

Legal actions will only be taken where incidents are severe (not usually from vacuuming, washing machine, children playing, etc.)

You can report anti-social behaviour using our online form REPORT
In cases where a serious or criminal incident has occurred, you should contact the Police. They can be contacted on the following numbers:
101 for non-emergencies;
999 for use in an emergency.

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