What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibre material that was commonly used in building materials between 1900 and the later 1990s. When asbestos ages or becomes damaged it can release fibres into the air. If these fibres are breathed in they can be harmful. Materials that contain asbestos, which are in good condition and unlikely to be accessed or damaged, present minimal risk to you.

Your responsibility

To ensure your safety, you must always have our written permission before you carry out any alterations or improvements to your home, as you might disturb asbestos containing materials. You must always have our written permission before starting work. This is a condition of your Tenancy Agreement.

Advice about asbestos

If something which you think contains asbestos is damaged, please contact us. You can also refer to the information in the Repairs & Maintenance leaflet or visit www.hse.gov.uk