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I want to move home what are my options?

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We operate a Choice-Based Lettings system and most of our properties will be advertised through Kent Homechoice on a regular basis. You can view and bid for properties at which also allows you to bid by telephone or text message.

Properties outside of Kent will be advertised through the local council’s own choice based lettings scheme.

How can I transfer to another property?

If you are a Town & Country tenant and you would like to move within the same area you can bid for another property by registering with your local authority. Transfers will not be agreed until a satisfactory inspection has taken place.

We also hold our own internal transfer list for exceptional circumstances. Please contact us for more information.

Are there any exceptional circumstances?

As part of our transfer service, should you feel there is a risk towards yourself or family or both, then an accelerated move can be requested through our internal transfer procedure. A transfer can be requested by discussing the matter with your Neighbourhood Housing Manager.

We will manage enquiries to determine the severity of the risk and to ensure that a move will eliminate or minimise the future risk before authorising the move. We do not have the facilities to provide emergency accommodation and should you require urgent accommodation, you can submit a homelessness application to your local authority.

Situations where an urgent move may be considered include the following:

  • Violent incidents where there is reason to believe the incident might be repeated e.g. rape or harassment as a result of race, ethnicity, sexuality or disability
  • Sexual abuse of, or attacks on, children where moving would end the danger
  • Witnesses or potential witnesses where actual violence or threats of actual violence have been made
  • Domestic violence where moving would end or minimise the danger
  • In cases of criminal activity where there has been associated threats and violence particularly where “innocent” parties are at risk

Mutual Exchange

You may be eligible to exchange homes with another Town & Country tenant or with a tenant from another housing association or local authority. You will be required to complete a formal application form which will be reviewed by us. A number of factors will be considered before your application is authorised, such as ensuring the property is suitable for your household. There are a number of websites that you can sign up to where you can find homes to swap.

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