We are delighted to have recently made improvements to Wiltshire Way in Sherwood, Tunbridge Wells, as part of our ongoing commitment to revamp spaces where residents live.

At Wiltshire Way, we made changes that would allow the environment to be used in the most effective way possible. At the heart of the revamp was the project to replace fifteen garages that were underused with more parking spaces for local residents.

Knee railing was deployed behind the parking bays, in addition to hand and wall railing around nearby steps, with bollards mounted at the entrance to the area. Necessary maintenance was furthermore done to ensure existing barriers and railings were in optimum condition.

We also added some cherry trees and four raised Pyracantha beds and had a general tidy-up of the area – i.e. cleaning up existing ground surrounding the parking areas and retaining brickwork and doing necessary repairs.

A summary of improvements made:

  • Remove underused garages and replace with something more beneficial for the area
  • Tackle fly-tipping in the area
  • Provide parking for residents (i.e. marking 23 parking bays & two disabled bays)
  • Improve the overall look of the area

Click and drag the slider below (from L-R or R-L) to see the changes made.

wiltshire way before works wiltshire way after environment work image