Our current repairs contract is ending next April. This gives us the opportunity to review and create a new repairs service for, and with, our residents.  

Soon we’ll be inviting you to complete a survey to give us your views on our current repairs service. We’ll be using your comments to help design the service for the new contract.  

We need your help please 

We originally launched our repairs service, Countrywise Repairs, in 2012 with our repairs partner Wates on a ten-year ‘joint-venture’* contract. The contract ends next year, and we’re starting the reprocurement process, looking for a joint venture partner for the new service. We want the new contract to deliver an excellent repairs service to our residents. 

Repairs is the service most used by our residents. So, it’s really important that we understand your views in order to provide the best possible service for you. 

As well as the survey, we’ll be holding virtual focus groups on Zoom to find out about your experiences of Countrywise Repairs. If you’d like to be involved, please email info@tch.org.uk or call 01892 501480 to register your interest.  

*A joint venture is an arrangement between two or more people or companies to work together for a particular purpose or on a particular project.