Leasehold and Shared Owner Services

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In February 2019, the panel commenced their 8th review of leasehold & shared owner services, with a focus on resident information and communications. The review finished with nine service improvement recommendations being made including:

  • Overhaul of the shared ownership Love Living Homes website to include case studies, explanatory videos and examples of likely costs.
  • Delivery of regular engagement and involvement opportunities for leaseholders and shared owners with regular chances to influence initiatives and policies which specifically affect them.
  • Avoidance of segregation of tenants and shared owners (by separate entrances) within the same building in new home developments.
  • Careful consideration to be given before implementing third party collection of utility charges in new home developments.

In December 2019 the panel presented their recommendations to the board and all resulting actions will be implemented over the coming months.

The panel’s Board report and full details of the recommendations can be found here: Leasehold and Shared Owner Services Board Report, Leasehold and Shared Owner Services Action plan

As a direct result of the leasehold & shared owner service review, the panel chose to look at service charges next and two shared owners were co-opted onto the panel for at least the duration of that review.