Answer questions clearly and concisely

Try to speak clearly and definitely and avoid the use of slang. Practice answering some interview questions so you’re comfortable responding to the most common questions employers ask.

Before answering a question pause and give yourself time to think

If you need to think about a response to an interview question, that’s fine. It’s better to think before you talk than to stumble over your words.

Be as enthusiastic as possible

Show your enthusiasm and passion for what you do and what you’d like to do in your next job. It’s fine to let the interviewer know that you love your work and are excited about this opportunity.

Don’t be negative

You may feel your reasons for leaving are righteous and justified however the rule is simple – Resist the urge and don’t be negative about a previous employer. Although your relationships with a previous employer might not be good, we are looking for resilient individuals who can move on and look to the future in a positive way.

Display positive body language, smile and retain eye contact

Your body language can have a significant impact on how you’re perceived, and so you have to be aware of it from the moment you step through the door. Smile and nod where appropriate, and laugh when the interviewer does. You want to show you have a personality and you’re paying attention to what’s being said. Aim to make eye contact as you listen and respond to questions, but allow it to break occasionally, and let your eyes wander.

Finally, be yourself and good luck!