We offer free and confidential money support to all our tenants. Our team provide budgeting advice, assistance with welfare benefits and signposting to other services. The support offered from the team could be a simple phone call or longer term help if required including home visits.

The team are passionate about their work and have excellent knowledge and experience in financial matters.

A couple of our recent success stories show how small interventions by the money support team can make a real difference to people’s lives.

Scenario 1: Money Support Officer: Sally Farmer

Following a tenancy audit visit, Sally had been asked to visit an elderly couple, both suffering from poor health and mobility issues.

Sally was able to quickly identify that they could be entitled to additional financial support and other benefits such as a Blue Badge for disabled parking. Unfamiliar with the application process and without internet access, Sally contacted The Department of Work and Pensions on their behalf and completed the online application forms.

Although the couple are still waiting for a final outcome, they felt reassured knowing they had someone to help guide them through this process. Sally will continue to work with the couple to ensure they get the right outcome.

Scenario 2: Money Support Officer: Hayley Keen

Another of our tenants, a lone parent and fulltime carer to his disabled son received our help. He had been struggling to cope financially since an under-occupancy deduction (for his spare bedroom) had been taken from his Housing Benefit leaving a shortfall in his rent for him to pay.

However, due to the severity of his son’s condition, he sometimes had overnight carers to give him some respite.

Having a genuine need for the third bedroom, Hayley helped him apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment from the local authority to cover the shortfall on his rent which was successful.

For as long as he continues to be his son’s fulltime carer, he can receive this extra support, but he will need to reapply every year. As he struggles with forms, the Money Support Team have agreed to support him through this application process annually.

In both of these situations, the families didn’t feel confident or have the knowledge to deal with their circumstances. Neither family required a lot of involvement but the support left them with a reassurance that help is available should they need it at anytime.

Our Money Support Team offers an invaluable service to our tenants. If you or someone you know is struggling, we would encourage you to contact us. We know it can be difficult talking about money problems but we’re here to help and everything you discuss with us will be treated confidentially.