Our product and growth aspirations

Build new homes across a range of tenures, including homes for rent, shared ownership and outright sale
Optimise our return on assets by selling inefficient assets and expensive to run homes
Reduce building construction costs, while continuing to provide good quality homes
Ensure homes are sold within agreed timescales, whilst minimising overheads

We have a number of new developments coming soon across Kent & Sussex

If you have land available for residential development, please contact our New Business Team.

Sherwood Regeneration

Lakewood Phase 1

The initial phase in the regeneration of Sherwood was completed in August 2014.

Lakewood Phase 2&3

The site comprised land previously occupied by six blocks of flats, associated garage blocks and undeveloped open space. As well as providing new homes, we also invested to provide a neighbourhood play park and enhanced the community square.

Lakewood Phase 4

The final phase of development will finish this regeneration project, completing the street scene of Greggs Wood Road, providing new house typologies, a new access to the woodland, ecological activities and interaction for residents, the local school and children, along with a better provision of resident and visitor parking. The combination of all these elements provide a huge enhancement of the existing site conditions. The detailed proposals for Phase 4 complete the spirit of regeneration and reflect the general principles approved in the outline consent.