Records, confidentiality & data protection

What information is held and why?

Under the Provision of Data Protection Act 1998, we hold information relating to you, your family and your tenancy. We also hold any information about rent arrears, housing benefit and repairs carried out to your home.The information is used to help with housing benefit claims and to manage any rent arrears you might have. We will also use data on file to provide a reference if you are applying for a mortgage or want to move to a private rented home. Information about you and your family will also be used if you request a housing transfer, apply to buy your home or for a grant to buy a new home.

Do I have access to my files?

Any tenant, leaseholder, former tenant or applicant has the right to see any information about themselves, but, we cannot disclose any information that also identifies another person, unless they agree to it. If you would like to see your files, just complete the relevant form, and you will be given an appointment.

How safe are my files?

The Association's staff are trained to keep tenant details confidential. A breach of this is regarded seriously and could be treated as gross misconduct. Files are kept in a secure filing room protected by burglar alarms and records kept locally are kept in secure cabinets.

Do you pass information to others?

The Association will treat any information it holds about you with the utmost care and will not pass this on to anyone else unless:

  • We have your written agreement.
  • It is required to allow the Association to carry out its duties as a Social Landlord.
  • The law requires the information to be made available.
  • It is to protect your safety and well-being.

If you would like to see a copy of your personal file please e-mail or call us.

Want to know more about the Data Protection Act?

To find out more, visit the website of the Information Commissioner's Office

Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Housing Associations

Useful information for residents and local people. An information sheet has been produced by the Housing Corporation and the National Housing Federation. It explains how the Freedom of Information Act 2000 relates to housing associations, what information you are able to request and where from. To download a pdf copy click here.