Is it too early to talk about Christmas? We don’t think so, especially when it comes to planning and saving.

Start saving!

Whether it’s for Christmas, holiday or a rainy day fund, if you can afford to, save. Even the smallest of amounts will add up so why not try the 1p saving challenge?

The 1p saving challenge is a great way to ease yourself into savings. The idea is to make it easier to save and ensure that you are not out of pocket by the end of the week. You simply begin by saving 1p on Day 1, 2p on Day 2, 3p on Day 3… it sounds easy right? Try it out now and see how much your 1p’s add up to by the end of the year. Download the 1p Saving Challenge

Or if like many people in this digital age, you no longer carry much cash around with you, many banks offer their own secure banking apps offering a quick and easy way to save money on the go.

If you’re one of the lucky ones set to get a pay raise this April, consider putting the extra money into a savings account.

Prioritise your spending

We all like to have a good time at Christmas and spoil our loved ones but it’s important to prioritise your bills such as your rent throughout the year.

Now is a good time to talk to family and friends and put in any ground rules in place, ie. Only buying for children or doing Secret Santa instead of buying presents for individuals. This saves for any awkwardness nearer the time.

Debt worries? Get help now

If you (or a friend) are in debt, now’s the time to get help. Christmas can add to people’s money worries. If you get a plan in place now, you can manage expectations come Christmas. Citizens Advice offer free, trusted, impartial debt advice.

If you have any concerns about paying your rent, make sure you contact us as quickly as possible. Your Income Manager can offer help and support as can our Money Support Team.