Top ten tips to prepare your home for winter

Icy twig Wintry weather can cause big problems if we're not prepared. Here are some top tips to make sure you're ready:

1 Check your heating is working properly before the weather gets too cold. If there are any problems, call Swale Heating on 0800 011 3139.

2 Keep your heating at a constant temperature of 18° to 21° during cold spells to help prevent condensation.

3 Leave your heating and hot water on low if you go away to avoid frozen pipes if the weather turns very cold.

4 Keep a broom, shovel and wellies handy to clear snow from your driveway or path so they do not become icy.

5 Sprinkle table salt on icy paths – one tablespoon per square metre is all you need.

6 Look around the outside of your home for leaking gutters, dripping overflows, missing roof tiles and loose or damaged brickwork. Report any problems straight away.

7 Keep out cold winds by fitting draught excluders to doors and your letterbox.

8 Test your smoke alarm to make sure it is in full working order. Kent Fire and Rescue Service offers advice about Smoke Alarms. 

9 When the weather is bad, check on any elderly relatives or neighbours who live alone.

10 Keep an emergency pack containing items such as a torch with spare batteries, cartons of drink and long-life food in case there is a power cut or if snow stops you from leaving your home.