Proposed changes to housing allocation system will not affect existing tenants

You may have heard that the Government is planning changes in the way that social housing is allocated. If you are an existing Town & Country tenant these changes will not affect your right to remain in your home. You will continue to have the same security of tenure as set out in your tenancy agreement.

If you would like to know more about the proposed changes and how they may affect people who become tenants in the future please read on.

The Government’s proposals for the reform of social housing are set out in the Communities and Local Government consultation document: ‘A Fairer Future for Social Housing’.

They  include some significant changes to the way social housing is allocated, for example:

  • Flexibility to grant two year minimum fixed term tenancies for new tenants, alongside lifetime tenancies for certain types of people.
  • Changes to enable landlords to deal more effectively with overcrowding.
  • Introduction of a new affordable tenancy with rents at up to 80% of market rent, with the additional income to be used to build more social housing.

Town & Country recognises that the proposals offer opportunities to meet housing need in local communities in more flexible ways. We are aware that the proposals may cause concern amongst our existing tenants regarding their security of tenure, particularly during these difficult economic times.

We would again like to reassure existing tenants that the proposals would not affect their security of tenure. They will continue to have the same security of tenure as set out in their tenancy agreements.

We are also committed to granting lifetime tenancies for new tenants who are, for example, elderly, vulnerable or disabled where short or fixed term tenancies would not be appropriate. The consultation period ended in January and Town & Country submitted its views to the Government. We await further announcements on the proposals.

You can find out more about the proposals on the Communities and Local Government website.