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Repairs Definition

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We aim to:

  • Meet our obligations as a landlord, following Government guidance while:
    • Limiting the spread of the virus
    • Protecting our tenants, staff and contractors and
    • Balancing the available staff resources

We are in a fast-changing world and we need to be able to adjust our service offer to respond to changing government and scientific advice, sickness levels within the workforce and the availability of materials. We will therefore be reviewing the situation every week and any changes will be posted on our website.

Currently we will continue to carry out:

Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs are where there is a danger to life, a hazard that compromises safety, or there is the potential for more damage to occur to the property. It also includes where the property is not secure or where it is not wind and watertight.

Examples of emergency repairs are:

  • electrical fittings in contact with water
  • loss of power
  • sewage overflowing into the home
  • outside doors that need securing
  • burst storage tanks, cylinders or pipes
  • window failure resulting in security risk
  • failure of heating systems in severe weather and where no alternative is available
  • failure of all communal lighting

Urgent repairs

These are works that are needed to prevent a repair issue becoming an emergency or if your comfort or convenience has been severely compromised by a fault occurring.

Examples of urgent works are:

  • faults with electrical fittings
  • faults affecting the cold and hot water provision
  • faults affecting heating systems
  • leaking back boiler or faults at the fire parts such as flue sets, throat plates etc.
  • leaks in WC flush pipes, waste pipes, traps, valves or radiators.
  • faults limiting access or egress from the property requiring door or lock repairs
  • blockages at sewers or drains
  • any fault causing damp or water ingress to the property

External works

These are works that do not require workers to enter your property.

Examples of these works are:

  • roofing repairs
  • fencing repairs

Where possible we will keep to appointments already booked if our staffing levels allow.

Individual circumstances will also be taken into account when assessing the timescale for completing a repair.

Routine repairs will be booked for 1st April 2021 onwards.