Your feedback has influenced our repairs policies

By May 9, 2022 No Comments

Thank you to all residents who took part in our focus groups. These sessions were an opportunity for us to listen to feedback from residents on new or updated policies. What residents told us was really helpful and as a result we made some changes.

We’ve listed some of these below:

  • Repairs policy needs to be clearer on timeframes, health and safety and how the policy works in practice – we reviewed this and amended it
  • Fencing policy needs to be clearer on what TCH will and won’t do – we’ve amended this to make it clearer
  • Gas policy needs to be clearer on what happens when there’s no access – we’ve amended this and are picking up the points raised about the procedure too.
  • Policies should include a human rights statement – we’re now reviewing this across all policies

Some of the policies are in place already, such as gas and electrical safety but some, like the Repairs Policy, were in preparation for our new repairs contract.

It’s important to get resident feedback into new or updated policies, so from time to time we’ll ask you what you think. Everyone’s feedback is valuable and we very much appreciate the time and thought that our residents have given us.