Please also tell us in advance if you’re unwell; if your repair is an emergency, we’ll make special arrangements to get it done. If this isn’t possible, we’ll talk to you about other options to complete the repair or make safe.

Please watch the video below on what we can do to help reduce the risk of Covid-19 during essential repairs and compliance checks.

Essential Repairs including Gas and Electric checks

We’ve been continuing to carry out urgent repairs and gas and electric checks during these difficult times. We want to keep you and your home safe. We have a legal responsibility to carry out the gas and electric checks as they’re still considered essential works, even during the Covid-19 crisis.

We do understand that people are anxious about allowing workers in their homes right now. We will only make appointments for works or checks that are essential; but we do need you to allow us to do these essential works please.

What is considered an emergency repair?

In general terms, emergency repairs are those that present security risks, cause uncontainable leaks, loss of power or loss of drinking water provision.)

For emergency repairs, please call 01892 501480 (press option 1).

What you can expect from our workers:

Our workers will observe all social distancing rules and wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Please note:

  • We have put in place rigorous risk assessments in accordance with current Government guidelines and statutory requirements, to identify safe arrangements for accessing your home and methods of working.
  • In order to comply with social distancing, we will usually request that you stay in a separate room from where we are working; please help us to work as quickly and efficiently as possible by making sure the work area is clear and any personal or valuable belongings have been removed before we arrive

If you have questions or concerns about what will happen during an appointment, please contact us to discuss this.

General repairs

Most of the team are now back and adjusting to new ways of working. Jobs may take a bit longer than usual as we continue to follow government guidance around social distancing and waiting for our supply chain to return to normal. We will continue to review how we work to ensure our service is delivered as safely and efficiently as possible.

We are now working our way through the backlog of repairs so please bear with us as we have a lot of jobs to attend to.

We are finding it hard to contact some people and believe this could sometimes be because when we call our number appears as withheld or unknown. We will always leave a message where possible, so you know we’ve been in touch.

Before coming to your property, we will need to ask you a small number of questions to make sure that no-one in your home is showing symptoms of Covid-19. We will also explain what you can expect from us. This will include making sure you can be in a separate room or far enough away from our workers while they are attending to your repair. Current working restrictions do not normally require our workers to wear any special PPE. However, they always adhere to strict personal hygiene procedures and will sanitise repair location before and after the work.


We’re receiving a lot of calls about fencing now. Our fencing contractor started surveying all outstanding fencing jobs on 10th June and started works last Friday (19 June). They are working by postcodes – doing areas where there are the largest amount of jobs first as this will help complete all the jobs more quickly.

Again, there is a big backlog of jobs because of the Covid-19 restrictions but we anticipate all jobs being surveyed by the end of July, with all outstanding works completed over the next 4-5 months.