Resident scrutiny and governance – please tell us what you think.

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We currently have 11 resident scrutiny panel members who undertake in-depth service reviews and make recommendations directly to our Board to help improve the services you receive.

The panel work in partnership with Town and Country Housing, acting as a ‘critical friend’ to make sure that we are providing the services that are important to all our residents, whilst being as effective, efficient and economical as possible.

The panel receives detailed training and information enabling them to carry out their reviews; measuring, testing and monitoring services.

So far, the panel have reviewed seven different services including customer services, responsive repairs, empty property standard, grounds maintenance, money support, responsive gas services, Planned Repairs & maintenance and most recently, leasehold and shared owner rervices. Thanks to feedback collected from leaseholders and shared owners during the last review, the panel have decided to review service charges next.

As a result of all their reviews, the panel have made 117 recommendations which the Board have accepted, and which Town and Country Housing staff have implemented.

As well as our scrutiny panel members, we also have resident members who sit on our Board and associated committees who are directly involved in overseeing the activities of Town & Country Housing and making sure that we work in the best interests of our customers.

We want to know if you think the scrutiny panel and resident board member structures work well.

If you’d like to know more about the scrutiny panel or Board activities before you comment, if you’re interested in applying to be a scrutiny panel member or if you would like to suggest a service area that you think would benefit from a scrutiny review, please contact Sarah Holden, Resident Scrutiny Manager – email: or telephone 01892 501480.

There are also lots of less formal ways you can get involved with reviewing our services, for more information visit our get involved page.